Monday, 26 December 2011

Satellite Tracking – New technique to control vehicles

Satellite Tracking devices provides the exact time and location to find a satellite and follow its path through the sky and these tracking systems are used for various purposes from public uses to scientific researches. Global Positioning System is a satellite navigation system. Satellites broadcast timing signals  allows the GPS receiver to determine the latitude, longitude and altitude of an object. GPS Satellite Tracking can be used to navigate vehicles and ships in any weather at any time on any part of the planet.

GPS satellite tracking is an vital tool that is used for map-making, land surveying and navigation. A tracking system is a revolutionary system that allows you to determine the exact location of an individual, vehicle or any other object at regular intervals.The device used for this purpose records all the data and then, transmitted to a centrally located database. Transmission is usually done with the help of cellular, radio or with the help of a satellite modem fixed in the unit. This transmitted data helps in identifying the location of the asset on a map with the help of tracking softwares.

The two main uses of a tracking system of GPS are as an aid to navigation and as a tracker of vehicles for different reasons. GPS tracking works on the triangulation principle in 2D terms. Triangulation is a process which helps to determine the direction or the radial distance of the received signal from different locations.The system is effectively used for vehicle tracking, trailer tracking, for mobile worker applications.